Contributing to WebAssembly

WebAssembly is initially designed and implemented by browser vendors who are interested in meeting a variety of use cases. As design and implementation progresses they’ll need input and contributions from developers interested in using WebAssembly.

Interested in participating? We suggest you start by:

  1. Acquainting yourself with the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  2. Reading the WebAssembly design.
  3. Joining the Discord #cg chat.

With that background understood and communication set up, feel free to file issues in the WebAssembly design repository. Please join the W3C Community Group before sending pull requests: it provides the legal framework that protects the work in this repository. Make sure you’re affiliated with your company or organization in the Community Group, if any.

As WebAssembly moves forward we expect to form an official standards body, which will have its own contribution process to the specification.

Happy assembly!