Current Status

The WebAssembly Community Group has an initial (MVP) binary format release candidate and JavaScript API which are implemented in several browsers. The CG is now soliciting feedback from the broader community as part of a Browser Preview period. The tentative goal of the CG is for the Browser Preview to conclude in Q1 2017, though significant findings during the Browser Preview could potentially extend the duration. When the Browser Preview concludes, the CG will produce a draft specification of WebAssembly and browser vendors can start to ship conforming implementations on-by-default.

Developers should be aware that between the Browser Preview and public launch of WebAssembly, there will be at least one breaking change which will require developers to update their toolchain and binaries. These changes will be announced ahead of time and are listed below.

See Getting Started to start experimenting and Feedback for how and where to direct feedback.

Next Steps

In addition to processing feedback during the Browser Preview, the WebAssembly community group and contributors plan to:

Planned Changes Before Release

As we receive significant user feedback, other items may be added here, or to the future features list.

Past Milestones